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From athlete to entrepreneur

Would you like to develop your business or emerging business idea and utilise the competence you have gained during your career in sports?

For whom?

  • For top athletes with an already operational business or interest in being an entrepreneur and for whom entrepreneurship is a natural option after the career in sports.
  • For top athletes about to end their careers with a business idea or an already established business who feel that they need help in developing the business and possibly want to aim for a degree from a university of applied sciences.


  • Training aimed at a degree from a university of applied sciences.


  • The content of the training is customised on the basis of one’s own business idea.
  • The studies begin at the Haaga-Helia open university of applied sciences. After completing 60 study credits, you can apply for a suitable degree programme that supports your business operations.
  • Flexibility - Haaga-Helia’s Start Up School, mentors and student counsellor will customise the content and schedule individually on the athlete’s terms based on the athlete’s own business idea and competence needs.
  • The group networks and gets peer support from each other.
  • Studying in entrepreneur-like and diverse learning environments which focus on developing one’s own business or business idea.
  • The competence and networks acquired during the sports career are utilised as much as possible.
  • The studying takes place flexibly on the terms of the professional sports career at the different campuses of HAAGA-HELIA.


  • Write a free-form application with information about your objectives regarding your sports career, studies and own entrepreneurship. Add your CV. Applications by e-mail to
  • Motivation and eligibility will be surveyed in an interview. Pages of the study programme:

Opiskelun yhteydessä kannustetaan käyttämään oman lajinsa erityisvahvuuksia hyödyntämällä niitä liiketoimintaan. Täällä opetetaan ymmärtämään urheilijauralta kertynyt pääoma kaikkine kontakteineen ja verkostoineen. Pääasia koulutöistä tehdään etänä, joten opinnot pystyy aikatauluttamaan pelien ja harjoitusten mukaan. 

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