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Mental coaching

Mental coaching is one of the most important areas in which there is certainly a lot of room for development in Finland. Few clubs can afford to hire their own coaches specialised in mental coaching. The Players Union offers its members a possibility to independently purchase personal mental training at a special price.

Do you believe that mental coaching could help you take the significant next step on your career forward? Are you willing and ready to develop yourself in this area as well?

Mental coach Antti Peltonen is a professional in mental coaching and sports coaching as well as a former Veikkausliiga player. Peltonen is specialised in psychology to facilitate human potential and top performance. Members of the Players Union have an opportunity to order Peltonen’s personal coaching at excellent offer prices as necessary:

  • Baseline assessment for Players Union members (Price €20)
  • Individual coaching session for Players Union members €75 (Normal price €150)
  • 5 coaching sessions €300 (€60/session)
  • 10 coaching sessions €550 (€55/session)
  • 15 coaching sessions €750 (€50/session)
  • 20 coaching sessions €900 (€45/session)

Coaching areas:

  • setting objectives
  • self-confidence
  • motivation
  • verbal communication
  • visualisation
  • efficient physiology
  • concentration preparation
  • decision-making
  • stress tolerance
  • building a state of mind
  • raising the bar
  • acting consistently
  • management of strategy
  • people skills
  • relaxation
  • recovery from failure
  • recovery from injury
  • management of nerves
  • permanent change
  • end of playing career

Interested? Contact us!

Antti Peltonen
+358 50 494 5555


"Antti is a discreet and focused professional. His work is based on continuous studying, analysed methods and real-life experience. He was active and willing to help the entire team with his experience at critical moments. I also used his services personally, and they helped and supported me when I really needed it.” - Henri Aalto

Antin kanssa löysin uusia ajatuksia ja keinoja maksimoida itseluottamukseni ja saavuttaa asettamani tavoitteet. Hänen avullaan olen maksimoinut potentiaalini. Sen lisäksi että Antti on huippuammattilainen, hän on erittäin ihmisläheinen henkilö, jota on ollut helppo lähestyä.

Juhani Ojala