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Physique survey

Outside team practices, players can focus on their own physique. Especially between seasons and in case of injury, it can pay to invest in the right kind of personal physique training. By adjusting the load correctly, independent physique training can be carried out well also during the season.

The physique survey by the Players Union’s partner Hospital NEO is a test method for competitive athletes that makes it possible to find body imbalances, muscle weaknesses and tensions. The survey is carried out under the supervision of an experienced NEO Rehabilitation physical therapist, and written feedback is given.

After the survey, the player can start to build a custom physique programme with Marko Yrjövuori, who has coached several NHL and NBA players. Famous as Kobe Bryant’s personal physique coach, Yrjövuori recently returned to Finland and currently helps Hospital NEO, the Finnish national basketball team and FC Inter, among others, with physical training.

Read more about the NEO Performance concept: http://www.sairaalaneo.fi/palvelut/kuntoutuspalvelut/neo-performance/

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