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Dual career

Tools for combining non-sporting and playing careers

There is life outside of football, too. The Players Union wants to help players find suitable ways of combining their playing career with studies and employment outside of football. By thinking about your post-playing career in good time, you can make a big investment in your future. A dual career refers to combining your playing career with another career. The other career can involve, for example, studies or work in different forms, and the most important issue is how to do it in terms of a career as a player.

A footballer accumulates a large toolbox of skills of tremendous benefit in later working life. The aim of the Players Union is to help players identify these skills and write them down. Our hope is that employers and the rest of society learn to better understand and appreciate athletes. For this purpose, we have developed a CV tool as part of our Job4Player programme together with other Nordic player unions, among others.

We also cooperate with various educational institutions and aim to continuously find new flexible study paths suitable for footballers. The Study4Player section showcases the currently available study programmes, where you can also read comments from players who have taken part in the various programmes.

We organise Old Stars tournaments for former players and in doing so aim to promote the alumni activities of footballers together with other sports operators.