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Players can use the FPA’s Job4Player service to develop their recognition of their own skills, update their CVs and look for work outside of football.

Players accumulate a lot of expertise during their playing careers, and this is useful in employment after a football career. The FPA has developed a CV template with the other Nordic countries to support the identification of such expertise. The CV customised for players makes it easier to demonstrate experience accumulated in sports and selling their expertise to employers.

The Players Union continuously surveys job opportunities suitable for players and the suitable candidates are scanned using the Job4Player CV database. Start preparing for the time after your football career and complete your CV right away here by logging in to Members Page.


We are continuously looking for jobs for players from our cooperation network. The aim is to find suitable jobs for flexible work alongside a playing career or alternatively for players ending their playing careers. This is a project with a lot of potential, and we want to develop it strongly in the years to come.
- Panu Autio, contact manager, FPA

A very important tool for players towards the next professional career.
- Joachim Waltin, president of the Norwegian Players' Union NISO