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Foreign footballer in Finland

A foreign employee is an employee who is not a Finnish citizen. The employer must ensure that a foreign employee has the right to work in Finland. The employment relationship of a foreign employee is generally subject to Finland’s terms and conditions of employment, but in international employment relationships the choice of law must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In any case, the employer must ensure that the working conditions comply with Finland’s occupational safety and health regulations.
When you came to Finland as a professional football player you must have the right to work in Finland. The grounds for the right to work depend on the citizenship of the foreign employee, what work he/she is to perform in Finland and for how long a period.

Citizens of the Nordic countries, Member States of the EU, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland do not need to apply for a residence permit to work in Finland. They have the right to work in Finland on the grounds of their citizenship.

Employees who are not citizens of any of the before mentioned countries generally need a permit for an employed person or another kind of residence permit allowing for paid employment.
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As a foreign employee you are entitled to the same statutory terms of employment as Finnish workers. If there is anything unclear about your pay, working hours or any other terms and conditions of employment, talk to your employer fist and then you can always contact us, Finnish Football Players’ Association.

Minimum gross salary
If you are not a citizen of EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, your minimum gross salary in Finland is 1 331 per month in 2023.

Professional athlete insurance
Professional sports cover must be taken out for sportspeople aged under 65 with taxable earnings, principally paid for engaging in a sport in Finland, of at least 12 550 € per year in 2023. Professional sports cover is a form of insurance corresponding to the Act on Accident and Pension Cover for Sportspeople. It can be used to ensure sportspeople engaged in team sports and individual sports against accidents and old age. The insurance allows a professional sportsperson to see a physician specializing in sports injuries, thereby promoting rehabilitation and a return to the sporting activity.