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Player contract

General terms and conditions of contract

The standard player contract template negotiated by the Players Union has been used in all of Finland’s top divisions since 2012. Enforcing the standard terms and conditions of contract was a major triumph for the Players Union, which significantly improved the legal position of players in Finnish football. The terms and conditions of contract are valid in all top divisions of the Football Association of Finland (Veikkausliiga, Ykkönen, Kakkonen, Women’s Liiga, Women’s Ykkönen). In practice, this means that all players in these divisions must have the same contract template in accordance with the regulations of the Football Association of Finland.

The regulations have been amended later; the most important amendment was the minimum wage rule concerning players from outside the EU. Since 1 January 2016, a player who is not an EU/EEC/Swiss citizen must have had taxable income equal to the minimum living annually specified by KELA under the player contract. In 2024, this income threshold was €1,399 per month. If the player has applied for a residence permit due to a reason other than sports and has been granted one, the minimum wage rule does not apply.

You can review the Football Association of Finland’s updated terms and conditions of contract here.

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