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Playing career

Support and recognition for pitches

The Players Union wants to support the development of players and give recognition to players who have distinguished themselves. New services focused on personal development offer players an opportunity to take more responsibility for their own career development as top footballers. The votes for the month’s and seasons’ best players raise the profile of players who have distinguished themselves and provide players with a chance to have a say in the selections. The player market for players without a contract aims to help members who are without a club.

The Players Union wants the players to have their contract-related matters in order and a clear insight into what has been agreed. The harmonised contract terms valid since 2012 were a major victory for the Players Union and an important step towards the better legal protection of players. Nowadays, a harmonised contract template is used in Veikkausliiga, Ykkönen, Kakkonen as well as Naisten Liiga and Naisten Ykkönen for all players.

Betting-related questions give rise to a lot of debate, and players should be aware of what they are allowed to bet on and what is prohibited, and what kind of information may be disclosed to outsiders. In order to eradicate match fixing, the Players Union has created a mobile-based Red Button tool for players to report anonymously if they are approached or hear anything related to match fixing.

Pelaajalla itsellään on tietenkin isoin vastuu omasta urastaan. JPY:n tavoite on kuitenkin tarjota sopivia työkaluja tueksi ja tunnustukseksi peliuran eri vaiheille. 

Antti Okkonen