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Betting and gambling prohibition

There is an enormous global betting business around football. Matches in the Finnish divisions are subject to betting not only with Veikkaus but around the world. In the summer, when most of the other football leagues in the world are taking a break, particular attention is paid to betting on Finnish football.

Players have a lot of responsibility in not letting betting-related criminal activity find a place in Finland. The FPA carries out prevention work by providing players with Red Button applications with which they can anonymously report if they are approached or hear rumours concerning match fixing.

What is a player allowed to bet on and what not?

It is also important that players don’t make bets on prohibited fixtures. The ethical guidelines of the Football Association of Finland’s competition regulations state that:

The players must not bet, in person or via an agent, on competition events at their own division level, the division level of a feeder team or the division level of a cooperation team.

Players should take note that the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS) monitors the betting behaviour of players, and betting on prohibited fixtures or sharing inside information can result in a ban and termination of the player’s contract.

What does the player’s contract say with regard to betting?

The player’s contract includes section 8 on Gambling prohibition, which states:

A player undertakes to not participate personally or via a representative in betting on match events involving their own team and the related feeder team, and will not also otherwise act in a way that will raise questions about their activities or the employer’s position with regard to betting.

The player agrees to inform their employer and the Football Association of Finland and/or Jalkapalloliiga of any contacts expressing a requests, inquiry or other wish regarding the fixing of a match score, injuring a player of one’s own or the opposing team, fixing of match events or field conditions, interfering with the activities of the opposing team before or during the match and/or if they have been offered money or other benefits of monetary value to fix match events.

A breach of this clause allows immediate termination of the player’s contract.

Pelaajien on tärkeä tiedostaa, että oman sarjan eikä farmi- tai yhteistyöjoukkueen sarjatason pelejä ei saa veikata. Myös sisäpiiritietojen jakaminen vetokohteisiin liittyen on kielletty.

Jari Litmanen, JPY:n kunniajäsen