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Red Button

An attempt to fix a match might some day be targeted at you, a teammate or your team. That’s when the future of your career and your team may be at stake!

The situation might take you by surprise and paralyse you while you’re thinking about your options. Who to report to? What will happen next? Will there be trouble for me or someone else? Earlier, in this kind of situation, a player was left very alone. The system, which is based on the Players Union’s professional security approach, was created to safeguard the rights of players. You are not alone. You can report any suspicions or facts anonymously. No-one else besides you will know where the information has been sent from. The information can, however, be used to prevent a threat and complicate the activities of criminal match manipulation also in the future. Using the Red Button will only take a minute, and it can safeguard the direction of the rest of your life!

Sometimes things take a wrong turn due to a very small miscalculation—now you can stop the problem in its tracks! The Red Button security system allows you to anonymously report any suggestions related to match manipulation that you or a teammate have received. You can also use the system when you suspect that everything is not in order in the locker room. The information will be processed anonymously and confidentially by a security professional. With the help of a report, you and the FPA cover your and your teammates’ back 24/7.



Red Button on JPY:n kehittämä työkalu ja hyvin konkreettinen esimerkki siitä, kuinka haluamme olla koko futis- ja urheiluperheen edelläkävijänä taistelussa ottelumanipulaatioita vastaan. 

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