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FPA alumni

The FPA also aims to support the post-career life of footballers.

The aim is to increase former players’ possibilities to get an education, find employment and open up other interesting doors for them among key football-related parties. We assist in the recruitment of current and former players with our Job4Player activities and partner network to businesses while helping the transition to post-football career employment.

In addition, the football alumni promotes the possibilities of former footballers to maintain the friendships established during their career and strengthen a sense of belonging between different generations of footballers. We organise tournaments for former players where they can meet their old playing friends. The next FPA Old Starts tournament will take place at the Kaurialan kenttä stadium in Hämeenlinna on 9 September 2017.

The board of the Players Union has declared its aim to gather together all former football players after their careers in football to show appreciation and respect.

A person who has played football as their primary or secondary occupation but whose active career has ended can be accepted as a member of the FPA alumni. You can join as an alumni member through this link.

A natural person and/or legal person that wants to ideologically and financially support the activities of the association pursuant to its purpose through the association’s forms of activities. You can apply to become a support member with a free-form application. The application should be addressed to the FPA’s board and sent to

Persons who have otherwise distinguished themselves in the field of football or acted for the benefit of the association can be accepted as an honorary member of the FPA. Honorary members are invited by a meeting of the association. It is not possible to separately apply for honorary membership.

No joining or membership fees will be charged to alumni, honorary and support members based on the FPA’s rules.