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Disclosure of health information

A club or federation does not have the right to disclose details concerning a player’s heath or injury without the player’s case-specific consent. The player contract (section 7) also includes provisions on the disclosure of health information.

Disclosure of health information could have effects on the player’s position in the labour market, for example. Disclosure of information may interfere with the player’s career progress and contract negotiations with a new club and in general the player’s position in the highly competitive player market.

Disclosure of players’ health information to third parties:

1. To the media:

A club’s officer cannot tell third parties information about a player’s health without the player’s case-specific consent. The player can be said to be away from the lineup due to health-related reasons (injury/illness). If necessary, the estimated time of the player’s return to the lineup can be estimated. The player has the right to speak about his or her health him-/herself.

2. To disciplinary proceedings:

If the player is involved in a game situation leading to disciplinary proceedings, the main principles of item 1 are effective.

If the disciplinary body separately asks about a matter relating to health which may be of significance to the disciplinary proceedings, the permission for the disclosure of information must be separately requested from the player or their representative (player’s agent) in this case as well. A club officer who obtains information about a player’s health in the course of duty (e.g. directly from the player) must not disclose the information without the above-mentioned permission. When the permission is requested, the player must be informed of the purpose of use of the health information to be disclosed, and the player must also be informed of the scope in which information is disclosed to the disciplinary body. The permission needs not be obtained in writing.

3. To coaches:

A coach is entitled to have surveys carried out relating to the health of a player, which are connected to the player’s ability to practise their profession. With the consent of the player, the coach has the right to obtain from healthcare personnel information that is essentially connected with the player’s ability to practise their profession. The player’s consent is still required for disclosing the information.

4. To other officers of the club:

The principles specified in item 1 apply. The club’s officer in charge of HR and payment of wages has the right of the employer to request and review certificates concerning the player’s health (certificate A, medical statement B, medical statement E) for the payment of wages, Kela reimbursement and for applying for compensation from an insurance company. The player’s consent is required for obtaining or disclosing the information."