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Kela and healthcare

Kela, the social insurance Institution of Finland, provides social security coverage for Finnish residents and many Finns living abroad through the different stages of their lives. Among the social security benefits offered by Kela are family benefits, health insurance, rehabilitation, basic unemployment security, basic social assistance, housing benefits, financial aid for students, disability benefits and basic pensions.

When you arrive to Finland as an immigrant, you are usually deserved to get social security from Kela. Social security is based on permanent housing or working, not on citizenship.

When you apply for a benefit, Kela assesses whether you live in Finland permanently or you can get the right to Kela benefits based on your work. The housing assessment is influenced, for example, it is a return move, longer-term working in Finland or a close family relationship with a person already living in Finland. You must have a residence permit before you can get social security from Kela. If you are a citizen of an EU or
EEA country or Switzerland, you do not need a residence permit.

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About the Kela card and The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

When you move to Finland or come to work, you should apply for the Kela card by using the form Application Kela card SV157e (pdf). Before you can apply Kela card, you have to make a notification of your move to Finland.

By presenting your Kela card at the pharmacy or at many private medical clinics, you can get a direct, on-the-spot reimbursement for your costs. You will then only have to pay the copayment.

The right to use public healthcare services is based on you being registered with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency as having a municipality of residence in Finland. Even though you often have to present your Kela card to identify yourself when using public healthcare services, coverage under the health insurance system and proving the coverage by presenting the Kela card are not prerequisites for the right to use public
healthcare services. Read more:

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