The Football v Homophobia month of action kicks off in February.

If you plan on hosting a Football v Homophobia activity of your own you can also register your activity here. We will help you promote it.

Last year activities took place in countries including Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, France, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. You can be a part of it in 2019.

Checklist for Football Clubs to raise LGBTIQ awareness in Finnish football community

- Different gender identities are considered in the locker rooms.
- In club's activities there is zero tolerance for homo-, bi- or transphobic or racist language.
- Gender and sexual sensitivity; avoiding assumptions about a person's gender identity or sexual orientation.
- Gender-neutral toilets
- If bullying, abuse or discrimination is witnessed, club has concrete and planned actions to intervene these situations immediately.
- Different gender identities, sexual orientations and diverse families are considered in club's communication and forms.
- Team rules promote the meaning of interpersonal respect and open and welcoming atmosphere.
- Everyone should feel themselves welcomed and safe in club's activities and in the stands.