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What Equal Playing Field?

The authentic and raw views of professional footballers about the personal impact of discrimination on their lives feature in a new FIFPRO report called ‘What Equal Playing Field?’.

Anita Asante, the Black Women’s Player Collective, Giorgio Chiellini, Gaby Garton, Vincent Kompany and Quinn are among the players to open up on all forms of discrimination on the pitch, off the pitch, online and in the boardroom.

As new cases of racism continue to stain football, amid barely-checked abuse on social media, the report seeks to increase understanding of the personal toll caused by discrimination, and calls for more urgency in addressing the issue.

The following are among the demands for impactful change:

- Global tracking of discriminatory abuse at stadiums to better understand the scale of the problem
- More widely-available reporting mechanisms such as anonymous whistleblower apps, along with an effective justice system
- First-aid care for victims and survivors, including wellbeing support
- Make diversity a priority in boardrooms so decision-makers are more representative and equipped to govern on such issues